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How to find love?

Someone easily finds a loved one, and someone is alone for a long time, and cannot understand why this is happening. What to do in such cases, and how to find love?

Someone advises you to search for a partner more actively, and someone says that you don't need to look for love, it will find you by itself. Who should I trust in case of prolonged loneliness? Whose advice should I follow, and should I do it at all? And how do you finally find your love? We will talk about this in this article.

What can prevent you from finding love?
If we want something realistic, and we don't have any internal unconscious obstacles to achieve it, then we usually get it.

But if you want to find a loved one for a long time, but you still can't do it, no matter what you do. It means that there is something inside you, some reasons that prevent you from finding love. Which you probably don't realize.

What can be the internal reasons why a person cannot find his love?

Causes of loneliness
There can be many reasons for loneliness. Some of them lie on the surface and are noticeable, and some are deeper, more hidden, and very difficult to comprehend.

But all these reasons can be divided into several levels at which they manifest themselves:

The level of behavior and actions.
The level of emotions, feelings, experiences.
The level of mind, beliefs, attitudes, thoughts, worldview.
The level of the unconscious, which contains the experience of early childhood, relationships with parents, family scenarios.
The level of the collective unconscious, where generic and cultural scenarios are contained.
The lower the level, the deeper it is and the more difficult it is to realize.

Everyone has their own individual set of these reasons, so the advice that other people give you on how to find your love may not work. After all, the one who was able to find her had her own reasons for loneliness in the past, and you have your own.

Why do you want to find your love?
To find a loved one, it is important to figure out why you need it, to find out your true motivation. After all, it may turn out that in your future partner you do not see a living person at all, but some kind of function. For example, someone who will save you from some of your problems or give you something that you do not give yourself, but you can give.

It is also important that you can understand who you want to find and what kind of relationship you want. After all, if you want a relationship to have fun together, then you need a partner who shares your interests. If you need sex first of all, then one relationship may suit you. And if you want children, then others, etc.

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